Friday, October 23, 2009

Going to the Hair Stylist and Other Musings

I'm off to get my hair done today. Don't you love going there? I'm such a girly girl and I live for these things. I'm slowly trying to go completely blond. Isn't funny how it seems like when girls lose weight they automatically go blonder? Maybe because blond screams look at me, I'm a hottie. I'll post pics when I take some later tonight. Here's a pic of what I eventually want my hair to look like.

In other news, I'm down another 2 pounds, well almost. I weighed in at 182.3 this morning. I'm really surprised because last weekend I went out with some coworkers and had one too many Martooni's. Alcohol is calorie loaded but somehow I managed to lose. I'm not complaining, but isn't it strange how some weeks you know you haven't been following the rules and you still lose while other weeks you keep your nose to the grindstone for nothing. Hmmm....

I still feel like I've lost some of my restriction so I called for a fill and the first available is next Friday. I love my doctor but I hate how busy the office is. If you call for a fill, it will be 2 weeks before you can get in. I guess that's what happens when you go to the best. I also have a job interview that day! I'm really nervous. I don't know if any of you go through this but whenever I'm thinking about leaving a job, I get really scared. Like what if this new place sucks even worse than where I'm at, what if no one likes me, what if I'm the dumbest one working there, etc. UGH, I have to work on my confidence. I really do hope I get the job. I need to make more money and this would be quite a raise for me.

Ok, off to the hair doctor!

Friday, October 16, 2009

I Accept Your Challenge!

Ok, Mary, let's do this 5K! Of course, I will not be able to run the entire way but I intend to give it all I've got. I think this is just what I need to motivate myself. I'm excited and I'm gonna put myself on a workout regime for the next 2 weeks. Can you make much improvement cardiovascularly in 2 weeks? I doubt it but I darn well am gonna try. =)

In other news, I am proud to announce that I stayed away from the Halloween candy this week and am down another pound. I know I still need a fill so it's been extra hard and I'm proud of myself. I have an infinite weakness for Reese's peanut butter cups. They've been whispering to me all week but Nooooo...I will not let your chocolatey/peanut butter goodness distract me from my goal!

I also put out like 4 job applications and if I can land a 2nd job, I can go back to being a school nurse which I really love. I had left school nursing because it was so hard to find a summer gig. I loved the kids and the people I worked with were awesome. I would love to be able to go back and I can if I find something PRN. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm the Worst Blogger

I haven't made a post in what seems like foooorever! I'm so sorry about that and I have every excuse in the book but I won't bore you with my sob stories. However, I will sum up the last couple of weeks for you. Work has sucked....big time. I've come to realize I hate it and I don't really have anything to show for it. Lord knows I could make more money working at a hospital so I've decided to start a job hunt. It will stink, giving up my weekends and holidays but I'm tired of being broke. I need to buy new clothes for my soon to be hot new bod (haha yeah right).
Onto the weight loss front or lack there of in my case. I will tell you right now, I have fallen off the wagon and skidded behind with my lapband around my ankle since I hit the 60 pound down mark. I haven't been tracking my food, I've been snacking and stress eating, and I've been lazy. It's my fault. I decided that I could use a little fill so I'm calling on Monday to schedule one. Then I plan on buckling down and losing some more weight. Ideally, I would like to lose 20-25 more before the end of the year. I think I can do it if I just focused more. I keep telling myself I want to go to Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's family and them notice how much weight I've lost. They're not a very complimentary bunch so I know I need to be fairly thin to coax a "have you lost weight?" out of them.
In other news, I got new glasses! YAY! I am so stoked. I have been wearing my old contacts for 1 month overdue while I waited for these damn glasses to come in...and on top of that, they gave me the wrong glasses. I had picked a Cynthia Rowley wireless type frame. These are Cynthia Rowley but they're the nerdy girl type glasses. My husband loves them. He likes what he calls "sexy nerds" LOL They're ordering my correct frames but I'm considering keeping these. I'll be wearing contacts most of the time but I think I'm gonna wear these for a week since I practically burned my retinas wearing old contacts day in/day out for a month. Here's a pic of them. I apologize for the pic, no makeup! AAGH!

I also wanted to tell you I bought a bunch of NYX makeup online. I am a makeup whore. You know how some girls love shoes and bags? That's how I am about makeup. I like shoes and bags too but I would easily spend $100 on makeup waaaay before I would accessories. I'll post pics on what I purchased when they arrive. Oh and fyi, I plan on getting a ton of makeup for Christmas. I told my dad to get me MAC...are you listening dad?!?!? MAC! hehe
Well, that's a synopsis of the last 2 weeks. Oh and I forgot to mention my bratty 2 year old. Seriously, what is the deal with that age? She's driving me nuts with the waterworks and temper tantrums. And earlier this week I was late to work because aforementioned bratty 2 year old took off her diaper and spread poop on my computer desk while I was getting my coffee. I was out of the room for 2 seconds. It was gross but hilarious.