Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Feeling Much Better About Everything

So I think I was freaking out way too much the other day about my Halloween candy binge! I got back on track Monday and actually weighed myself and I had only gained a pound. Thanks goodness for that 5 K! I will tell you one thing I love about being banded. I know that I will always have slip ups with food but with the band it's like a controlled slip. I don't gain 5 pounds when I overeat like I would have in the past. I need to learn to let it go when I make a mistake and just focus on being better the next day. I'm bad about beating myself up.

I haven't posted about this yet but I'm a little scared that I might be having gallbladder issues. I have problems with going from either constipation to diarrhea since being banded. It's so annoying. And then twice in the last month I've had these "episodes" where I will feel like I have to go to the bathroom shortly after eating something but I can't go. Then I broke out in a cold sweat and thought I was going to die with really bad pain in my stomach. It's almost like how you would describe dumping syndrome but that's very uncommon in banded people. At any rate, my doctor's ordered an u/s of my gallbladder. Just hoping I don't have to have another surgery!

I had my interview today at the hospital and it went really well. The hospitals have these things called peer interviews so first you interview with the manager of the unit and then if she/he likes you, you have to be interviewed by the other nurses who work there. It's a little nerve wracking. I have to go to that interview this weekend. I'm really hoping they like me because this would be so good for me financially. And I've decided that if I go get this job, I'm gonna reward myself with a gym membership. I know I said I couldn't go before but I think I will have the time and the money if this new gig works out. I felt so good on Halloween after the 5 k and it reminded me that exercise can be fun, especially when you have a partner to work out with =)


seckert08 said...

Cute pic of you!

Keep an eye on the gallbladder. I had to have mine out about 10 years ago and it was a breeze surgery. I too felt horrible when I had my "episodes".....thought for sure I was dying! Let us know what you find out.

Mary said...

Lets Hope and pray that the gallbladder is ok!!! I had a candy binge too. :o( but my band quickly told me that the candy HAD TO GO. so I hid it. lol I hope I dont have any problems with my gallbladder! Let me know how its goes...

Gen said...

Wow you look great!

I hope the gallbladder is okay...and you are right about the candy binge - not the biggest deal in the world, and the band keeps us from really going way overboard. I love that too.