Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Christmas is just around the corner and I have barely anything done yet at this point! I did get some shopping for the kids completed but I still have quite a bit to finish. Luckily, I looove to shop especially when I have the money to do so and not worry about how I'm going to pay for everything. This 2nd job has allowed me that freedom and I'm actually not stressed about paying for Christmas this year. Do you know how good that feels?

Let me tell you a little story. Every year, I have an emotional breakdown in the Toys R Us parking lot come mid-December. Without fail, you can plan to see me in my car dry heaving with mascara running down my face. I always want to do so much for my kids. I know it's not necessary and they will be happy no matter what they get. It's myself putting the pressure on. I grew up really poor and, little known fact, but I'm the first person in my entire family (read grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, mother, father, etc) to graduate college. So, I have more means to provide than my family did. I think I want to do everything for my kids that I never had and sometimes I go overboard. There's probably a therapy session just waiting for me out there!

So for those of you who were confused about my job status (waves at Mary), hopefully this will clear it up. I have worked full time at the health department for 2 years. One of those years I was a school nurse which I loved but I had difficulty because school nurses are not paid during the summer and at that time I couldn't find alot of summer work around here so I switched to Healthy Start department, which is basically a program for at risk pregnant women. I grew to hate the job. Lots of referrals from Department of Children and Families for abuse, drugs, etc. I had to do home visits and most were in less desirable parts of town. I even had a man come at me one time and try to grab my name tag from around my neck. I just didn't feel safe in that job. So, I found out from a friend about a position in the nursery at the hospital. Nurses have the ability to work PRN shifts, which means as needed. I give the hospital my availability and I work when I want to make extra money. I'm required one shift per month but I can work above that. As a result of getting the nursery position, I was able to go back to school nursing! So, to break it down for you, I work full time as a school nurse and part time as a nursery nurse. Alot of explanation for something rather simple! *LOL*

Last night, I worked at the nursery and we were BUSY! It's 12 hour shifts over there and I ended up working about 14 hours during which I maybe sat for 1 hour tops to do my charting. In fact, while I was sleeping this afternoon, I got some really bad cramps in my legs. You know the type you get when you exercised really hard the day before? I'm thinking all this running around will be good for the weight loss!