Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Halloween Fallout!

This weekend was a wild one. On Saturday I did the Harvest Hustle 5k with Mary and my husband. Let me first tell you that I have never in my life walked 3 miles at one time. I had not prepared in anyway but I still felt like I would be ok *LOL* Guess that was my first error in judgment! When we got up that morning, it was actually pretty chilly and the wind was blowing hard. I got out to the start site and I found Mary. Let me tell you all, she looks awesome! Over 100 pounds lost in 7 months!! She amazes me with her effort and commitment. I know I lack seriously in that area but I aim to be more like her. We all talked for awhile before the race was to start. Finally, it was time to get started and I heard the announcer say, "if you cannot run 3 miles in under 18 minutes, do not get in front." Wait a sec...did he say 3 miles in 18 minutes?!?!? There are people who can actually do that?!?!? Yes, I found out there are indeed people who can do that! I quickly got to the back with the other slowbies. My husband and Mary, who are in much better shape than I, started with me. It was much tougher than I imagined. When we hit the one mile marker, I thought "Really??? Only 1 mile?" I told Mary and my husband to not let me slow them down. My husband took off but Mary stayed with me, which I thought was really sweet. I tried not to complain too much but my feet and legs were hurting. I made to the end in 55 mins and change. I was really happy that I completed it but boy oh boy was I in pain today. My muscles are sore!!! I have to start working out more. I know that I will never love exercise but I did feel awesome after completing the race so I think I can like it eventually once I build up my strength and endurance.

On Saturday night, we took the kiddos trick or treating and we had an awesome time. This was Winter's first year that she actually went door to door. After every house she kept saying, "Mama, we go nother one." Lyric said it was the best Halloween ever. We ended up with over 3 buckets of candy. Not a good thing for myself. I will confess that my plan to only have a couple of pieces went to pieces. The kids were tuckered out and went to bed and I laid on the couch watching scary movies. I had some strange dreams that night and slept bad. I think it was a combo of the movies, too much candy, and my sore muscles. At any rate, I woke up at 4 am and was unable to go back to sleep.

Today, I was feeling so bad about myself. I sometimes feel like a band failure. I'm 9 months out and I haven't even hit 70 pounds lost. I know it could be more. I overindulge too much and I don't work out. I cried today. I think I've been feeling stressed about the job thing, the weight, and just missing my kids when I'm working all the time it feels like. I want to do better. I got a fill on Friday and I don't know if this ever happens to any of ya'll but sometimes after I first get a fill it seems as though I can eat more. I know that doesn't make sense but I was starving all weekend. Maybe because of the exercise? I'm not sure. I have 8.3 cc in my band and I can still eat a full plate of food. I don't really know what I should or shouldn't be able to eat. I guess I'm not sure what the sweet spot feels like. I read others blogs and it seems as though lots of them eat like birds and that's definitely not me. I'm not sure if I need more fill or an attitude adjustment. SIGH. I'm going to pick myself up and really try hard this week. My work hours were changed (against my liking) and I actually go in later now so I'm hoping to squeeze in a workout.

Here's some of our Halloween pics. We ended up having to put a sweatshirt under Winter's costume. We had not prepared for cool Trick or Treat weather. I still think I look huge which was another disappointment. My husband said we all looked cute. I think I'll keep him =)




Mary said...

1st of all You look amazing! You have done AWESOME! 70lbs in 9 months! Thats great!!!!!!!!! dont ever feel like a failure! JUST THINK! if you were to work out more what would that do for you!!!!!!

Your kids are adorable! we sooo need to get togeather and let them play at the park while we walk or something. Now that I know where you live *evil laugh* Ill have to come and MAKE you go walking with me!!! lol.

p.s. my body hurt and still hurts from my hips down. ugh. we need to train more for the next one we do!!

Danise said...

I have to tell you... that your picture looks like an after picture, so I don't know where you think you look huge.... You look beautiful and HAPPY! Keep up the good work and hey miss pizza lover...when is the last time you lost 70 pounds in 9 months??? Keep that in mind the next time you think you are a band failure!