Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To Fill or Not to Fillm

In another month it will be my 1 year bandiversary! It's hard to believe that time has passed by so quickly! I'm excited for what's in store next as I think these last 35 pounds will really show the difference that I'm wanting to see in my figure. I know I need to be more dedicated and put more work in and I have a plan in place for doing so.

Number 1, at my new school there is a nice big track so I'm thinking when it's not too cold outside, after the kids get out I could walk/jog for the 30 minutes I have remaining in my day. That way the exercise is over before I get home and I can make excuses not to get up. I'm also going to do some more investigating into the gym thing. I really want to join Pensacourt and I found out that I can get a discount through either one of my jobs. The good thing about the Pensacourt is they actually do an assessment of your fitness level when you join. So they measure your fat, muscle, etc. and work to help you set up a plan. I like that little bit of coaching and feel it could be useful to me. They also have a ton of fun fitness classes like bootcamp, Zumba, water aerobics. I actually like group classes cause everyone can complain together *LOL*

Number 2 is my diet which I think is actually pretty good. Since the incident I will refer to as the "Great Halloween Reeses Cup Ingestion of 2009" I've been pretty good about staying away from sweets. However, I've noticed, especially in the last week, that I feel like I'm starving all the time. I am so hungry even 2 hours after I just ate! It's driving me nuts! I'm scheduled to go back in to the doctor around my 1 yr mark but I don't know if I can wait that long. Should I call and go back now? I don't want to gain a bunch before then! Advice ladies please. Let me tell you what I can eat. I can eat a whole bowl of cereal, I can eat 2 pieces of PAN pizza, I can eat a bowl of rice and chicken, etc. Doesn't that seem crazy? I read these posts from people only eating 1/2 cup of food and I want to die! So the question is to fill or not to fill?


Gen said...

My vote would be fill - but it might be easier to wait until after the holidays...Depends how anxious you are ! But eating 2 pieces of pan pizza? No way could I do that now! The biggest thing is the hunger - if you are hungry, you know you need a fill. How much do you have in your band now?

Happy almost Bandiversary! You have lost so much already and only 35 to go - wow!

Bandita Senorita said...

That's great that you've got a manageable plan. With the new job, I'm stressin' about getting in my exercise. Hopefully I'll get a plan soon too.

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

I have to keep some workout clothes in my car and either stop at the gym on my way home or change clothes immediately when I walk in my door at home and go walk/run. If I stop, sit or do anything else, I usually end up not exercising. I vote you do that track!

Mary said...

OH my goodnesss, Im having "Christmas Dove Chocolate ingestion 2009" those little things are evil!!!!!! anyhow. I would vote to call them and get a FILL! dont wait around or your just stalling the process! if you can eat PAN pizza ummm yea its time. I cant even eat THIN CRUST with the restriction I have right now! when are you "off" work and school?? I know your Busy right now but We could probably get togeather and walk/run again togeather and that will make it more fun!!!!!!!! go get your fill and let me know what Mark says LOLOL j/k

Melly said...

LOL I've never had the restriction that some of you seem to have. I have always been able to eat bread but I would just have to take small bites and slow down but now I can just eat it! I have 8.3 cc in my 10 cc band. I'm just one of those people that needs alot of fill. Even when Dr. Lord did my surgery he commented on the fact that my stomach was oddly shaped so I think that has something to do with it *LOL*

Tomorrow is my last day at school but I'm working 5 nights at the hospital over vacation. It's not too bad though! I'm excited for 5 days with my kids just having fun at Christmas time. We're gonna make cookies, make a gingerbread house, and watch Christmas movies!

Yes, we have to get together Mary!

I'm calling tomorrow about that fill. I plan on doing it after Christmas day. I'm not crazy you know? HAHA